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term one 2017 memory verse

Five steps to learn a memory verse: Hear someone say the verse or speak it yourself Read the verse over and over Meditate on the verse. This may sound like the first step but is very important. During your day,... Continue Reading →



We learned from our Joy lesson that we can still have Joy in our heart even while being in Jail. But let's back it up a little bit. Before Paul went to Jail, he had decided to go to Caesar.... Continue Reading →


How does that song go again? "I've got the Joy of the Lord in my heart,"   Here are two important things to know about the joy that comes from God: 1. Joy is not an emotion When people are... Continue Reading →


What is Love? Many people have different definitions of love. They have different images that they associate with this word. But Love, as one of the fruit of the spirit, means "a strong concern to share God's love with others."... Continue Reading →

31/01 update of Easter Camp

The kids are very excited to be going to the Easter camp. The dates are as follows: Saturday 15th April - Saturday 22nd April So far, we have three children confirmed going to the camp and several children who are... Continue Reading →

Update on the book

I have finished the first draft of my secret project and am now working on my second draft. After this draft, I will be ready, or nearly ready, to test the waters and have beta readers. My beta readers will... Continue Reading →

David hides from Saul

  When we help others and give to them, they will be thankful, give back to you and be willing to help you. Example: David hid in a cave when he left the town of Nob. His family came to... Continue Reading →

Hannah’s prayer of praise

Hannah was devastated because she could not have a baby. The bible says, she prayed in the temple, promising God that if He gave her a baby, she would dedicate the baby to Him. Eli the priest saw Hannah and... Continue Reading →

12/12 update on fundraise

Our first fundraise, the kids got excited but with the second fundraise, it was the adults who got excited, eager to see what there was in stall. Tina's dumplings were the star of the stall and we sold all the... Continue Reading →

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