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Updates 24/may 2017

This is an update post. I have returned from my one-month Singapore trip. KK taught a few fruits of the spirit (see other posts) and then we taught Easter. The children enjoyed the easter camp in April. I was away... Continue Reading →


27/02/17 update

There will be a Parent's Meeting after the service on 5th March 2017. The meeting is in the Yellow Room. We will give you information on the camp as well as any other updates. You can also ask us questions... Continue Reading →

Update on the book

I have finished the first draft of my secret project and am now working on my second draft. After this draft, I will be ready, or nearly ready, to test the waters and have beta readers. My beta readers will... Continue Reading →

12/12 update on fundraise

Our first fundraise, the kids got excited but with the second fundraise, it was the adults who got excited, eager to see what there was in stall. Tina's dumplings were the star of the stall and we sold all the... Continue Reading →

Day one fundraise for camp

Good morning all! Yesterday was the first day of the fundraise towards Camp Reglan. Thank you everyone who donated money, supported us, or contributed in making the things that we sold. Before the main service ended, the kids got started onto making... Continue Reading →

We are going to be very busy this holiday season, as we make crafts such as Christmas Cards, to sell to our fellow Church members. We are raising money for the CBM Easter Camp. This camp is for the children... Continue Reading →

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