Lately, I have become very interested in the meaning of names that appears in the bible. This is all thanks to the time I spent in NCC, Singapore, run by Joseph Prince, a man who has been anointed by God.

The first King of Israel was Saul. This seems fitting because the people asked for a king despite Samuel’s objections and so they got Saul.

Saul means “Prayed or asked for”.

Then Saul rejected God much like how the people rejected following God and wanted a human king.

So, God anointed David to become king. Now, before I go on, let’s go back to Saul.

Saul came from the tribe of Benjamin.

The name “Benjamin” means “Right hand man”.

This is important.

David came from the tribe of Judah.

Judah means “praised” and David means “Beloved one”.

Doesn’t this show Jesus?

Doesn’t this show the shadow of the Grace covenant you and I have with God today?

For in Saul’s time, it was more important to obey God than to give sacrifices to him. And now a days, we are made aware by the holy spirit every day,t hat we are God’s beloved. God loves us as much as he loved his son, Jesus. And we praise God forever and ever.

David was the ancestor of Jesus according to the family line. So Jesus descended from the tribe of Judah. This is fitting because Jesus is worthy to be praised. He is not God’s right hand man, but rather, He is God humbled down to a king to serves his people.

Hallelujah and praise Jesus!