We learned from our Joy lesson that we can still have Joy in our heart even while being in Jail. But let’s back it up a little bit. Before Paul went to Jail, he had decided to go to Caesar. At this time in history, Israel was governed by the Roman governor. At that time, Roman was ruled by Caesar. Paul knew that if he pleaded his case against Caesar and Caesar saw that Paul hadn’t done anything wrong, then nobody could touch Paul. That’s right, not even those hypocritical religious leaders.

So, Paul set sail to Rome along with more than 200 people. He was always accompanied by a roman officer so he was never alone. Then, the tides changed and there was a terrible huge storm.

Imagine being trapped on a ship in a storm. Does that not scare you? Okay, remember the scene where Elsa’s and Anna’s parents (from Frozen), are on that ship during a storm and then the waves swallows the ship. Remember that? Yeah, it was that terrifying for the passengers on board. almost everyone were panicking, not eating, and crying.

But Paul was different. A storm, even one that threatens your life, could not take away Paul’s joy in his heart. But he had another secret as well. It was something that made him calm while everyone were panicking and running about like headless chickens.

Paul had peace.

He had a secret safe place that he could go to in times of trouble.

It was called the Secret Place of the Most High.

“Most High” means God.

As soon as Paul started praying, he entered the secret place of the most high. Even though he was never alone physically, spiritually, when he entered this place, there was no one else except for Paul and Jesus.

Jesus gave him peace.

Paul’s faith gave him peace.

Being able to listen to God tell him that not one single person would die from the storm, gave Paul peace.

And so was knowing that God was in control.

All these things, the secret place, God being in control ad helping us in our ‘storms’, they relate to us know, not just in the past.

So when you pray, imagine stepping in a place where you are safe. A place no one knows. A place where you’re alone with God and you can tell him all your worries. The best part is that, He will help you with whatever you bring to him and he will give you peace.