1. There will be a Parent’s Meeting after the service on 5th March 2017. The meeting is in the Yellow Room. We will give you information on the camp as well as any other updates. You can also ask us questions
  2. 12th March-Fundraising starts again. A table will be set up at the foyer. Cash and Eftpos are accepted. If using Eftpos, please give us the receipt and write “Easter Camp” at the back.
  3. There will be another Parent’s meeting on 19th March 2017. This meeting is for parents who weren’t able to make it on the previous meeting and/or still have some questions.
  4. The camp is for one week from 15th April to 22nd April. This is during the Easter Celebration.
  5. Please be prompt in the meetings and in getting registration forms signed and filled in.