What is Love? Many people have different definitions of love. They have different images that they associate with this word. But Love, as one of the fruit of the spirit, means “a strong concern to share God’s love with others.”

Apostle Peter had this kind of love inside him, the holy spirit gave him such a deep and strong love and concern to share God’s love towards others, that he stood up in front of 3000 people and he told them about what Jesus had done. He spoke to all 3000 people’s heart and they were all saved that day.

When people have the Holy Spirit inside them, they know they have it because they feel different. In the bible, it said that before Jesus left earth, he said he would give us the holy spirit. When he ascended into heaven, the holy spirit came to earth and filled the disciples. They saw on each other’s head, flames of fire and each one felt different inside.

There was once a temple that people visited to pray and worship. There sat a crippled man outside the temple and he begged for money everyday. One day,peter and John were walking past and they saw him. They knew that this man would never have a job, and money would not help. They had such a deep love and concern for him that even though they did not have money, they gave him something much better.

They said to the beggar, “in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk”.

The man rose up, walked. Then he skipped, jumped, shouted; “Yahoo!” at the top of this voice.

And he gave his life to Jesus.

How can I be more loving?

Peter and John did not have money to give the beggar, but that didn’t stop them from giving him something and loving him. Sometimes, we can feel like we want to help someone but feel powerless to help because there’s nothing we can do. But remember, it was not Peter that saved the beggar, it was the power of God that strengthened his ankles so that he could walk. and it was not Peter’s love, but it was God’s love, the love given by the holy spirit, that prompted Peter to even notice the beggar man and heal him.

So, how can we be more loving? We can start by:

  1. being nice to other people, even the ones who don’t deserve it
  2. Sharing the Word of God and who Jesus is to other people
  3. Praying for our friends and family who we know are not true believers