When we help others and give to them, they will be thankful, give back to you and be willing to help you.

Example: David hid in a cave when he left the town of Nob. His family came to join him. So did men who were running away from someone too such as people who they owe money to. These men who hid with David were men who were in trouble, in debt or just discontented. They were thankful to David and David became captain of 400 men.

3. Remember always to ask God for help and advice. Always pray before you decide to do something or say something.

Example: David remembered to ask God for help. The Keilah town were in trouble because the philistines were attacking them. David asked God; “Should I go and attack them?”

And God said, “Yes, go and save Keilah,”

It is important to ask God for help and advice and guidance. If you feel like what you are doing may be bad, don’t do it! But if you know that God is with you, don\’t be afraid. Because God is fighting for us, therefore, who can stand against us and win? No one can!

Indeed, David won the battle against the Philistine (using the sword of Goliath), and saved the town of Keilah.

4. Fear is a powerful force that can make a person betray one another

Example: David’s spies reported back to him saying; “King Saul is coming to the town of Keilah,”

David thought that he would be safe in Keilah since he saved the people from the philistines but he remembered to pray to God for advice. Good thing he did too! Because God told him; “Do not stay here. The men of Keilah will give you over to Saul,”

What a shock that must’ve been for David! These people were not thankful at all for his help. David must have felt really discouraged. He might have even thought that he would die.

5. At all times, God knows and truly understands how you feel. What’s more, God also knows what you need the most.

God sent Jonathan down into the wilderness to find David. Jonathan was King Saul’s son but he also best friends with David.

But Jonathan didn’t come to David to play games or try and relax. He came to encourage David. He said;

“Don’t be afraid. My father will never find you! You are going to be the king of Israel, and I will be next to you, and my father, Saul, is well aware.”

Wow! That’s some word of encouragement right there.

But God did not just send Jonathan. He protected David from Saul and just as Jonathan said, David layer became King.

You may think you know what you want to really need, but only God knows what you need.

6. Sometimes, when we are feeling discouraged, it is a good idea to talk to someone about it

Example: David felt a lot better after Jonathan talked to him. He felt ready to fight, and to not give up but instead, trust in God.

We looked at a psalm. The book of psalms were written by David and it is a book of prayer and praise. I think a lot of these Psalms, David wrote while he was running away from Saul.

7. When we praise God and pray for him to help us, he will move by his love for us and he will help us in our battles.

Example: David was in the wilderness but Saul was closing in on him. So David ran away again until he was at a mountain. Guess what? Saul was on the other end of the mountain! i wonder that perhaps while David was at the mountain, he praised God, he prayed and wrote Psalms and that was when God moved. What did God do?

He sent a messenger to King Saul saying that the Philistines were attacking Israel. Saul was close to finding David but he turned, gave up and left to fight the Philistines. It was just as Jonathan had said to David, my father will never touch you.

8. Do not pay back evil for evil or take revenge

Example: Saul and his men were sleeping in a cave. David and his men found them and his men said; “Now’s your chance. Kill Saul just like he tried to kill you,”

But David would not pay back evil for evil. He never wanted to kill Saul as Saul had thought. So instead he went deeper into the cave right where Saul was sleeping, and he cut a piece of Saul’s robe that he was wearing while asleep.

The next morning, he woke up Saul saying; “I could have killed you last night. This piece of cloth from the robe you are wearing now is proof, that i do not mean you harm. God will judge between us. He will punish who is in the wrong and reward who is in the right. Stop chasing me for I mean you no harm.” (1 Samuel 24:90)

People may change their minds on something, only God can change their hearts.

Example: David then said to Saul; “As the old saying goes, Evil doers do evil deeds”.

When he said this, Saul realised that he was foolish and he said to David;

“You are the better man than I am, for you have repaid me good for evil…Who else would let his enemy get away when he had him in his power? May the lord reward you well for your kindness you have shown me today…And now I realise you will surely become king and that the kingdom will flourish under your rule…”

But even though King Saul left David on good terms, he had only changed his mind. But like with the pharaoh, who sent men to kill Moses and the Hebrews at the red sea, King Saul changed this mind and he became angry and jealous. He wanted to kill David again!

If you feel sometimes like, you can’t help but get angry at people, remember that you can’t change your heart. Only God can help you to not get even.

Again, David had a second chance where he could have killed Saul, but he did not do this. Now, David was not new to killing people. He was good at fighting and winning battles. If he wanted to kill Saul himself, he could have easily done so. But David chose not to kill King Saul because he knew that King Saul was anointed and chosen to be king over all of Israel. Even after being hunted by Saul day and night, he remembered that once upon a time, God had seen promise in Saul and had chosen him as king over everyone else.

When Saul realised that David meant him no harm, he felt foolish. He probably felt like hot coals were piling on his head! He decided to not continue trying to chase and kill David. And this time, he kept to his word.

What now?

If there is anyone in your life who you’d love to get even with, ask God for help right now to change your heart. It is better for us, that we forgive and have peace in our hearts than to carry our hatred like a burden on our shoulders.