There is a well known song in the bible. It goes something like this:

“Saul has killed his thousands. David has killed his ten thousands!”

“What?” thought Saul “How can the people say something like this?-that David has killed more than me. It cannot be true!”

A tormenting spirit from the Lord overwhelmed Saul and he began to “rave like a madman” (1 Samuel 18:10). Nothing could help him. Even when David tried playing relaxing music on the harp for Saul, it did not work. Saul tried to kill David with his spear but David managed to escape.

“Saul was then afraid, for the lord was with David and had turned away from Saul.” (1 Samuel 18:12)

Twice, Saul had tried to get rid of David by sending him out to war against the philistines, thinking their enemy will kill David. But David succeeded in all the battles he was sent to.

“David continued to succeed in everything  he did for the Lord was with him. when Saul recognized this, he became even more afraid of him.”

So Saul decided to kill David himself. He led a whole army with him but David escaped and ran away from the palace with the help of Jonathan and his wife.

David probably didn’t feel like God was helping him. He was running for his life, not even knowing why or what he had done wrong. And in the midst of all this mayhem, there was one crucial thing that David forgot to do. He forgot to pray.

Now, we may forgive David for this one mistake. It is usually in the moment and midst of tragedy, is when we feel the least like praying or opening the bible.

When you are scared, worried, stressed etc…we are often too caught up in our emotions that we forget to ask God what to do, and then we end up making a mistake.

David ran to the town of Nob where he met a priest. He was scared so he lied to the priest about why he was there. Lying is wrong but David was filled with so much fear, he forgot about asking God for help and advice.

Sometimes when our life is going smoothly, it is easy to trust God. But when times are difficult, it can be really easy to forget to pray. We have to remember though, that God is still in control and we can still trust him in everything that happens in our life. God helps us overcome our daily problems both big and small.