Aim: To challenge the children to ask God’s help and not getting even with those who do or say wrongs things to them.

Bible references: 1st Samuel 21, 22:1-2, 23, 24, 26


  • Saul became jealous of David’s skills and having God’s favor.
  • Saul tried to kill David
  • Jonathan helps David to flee
  • David ran away from Saul
  • David forgot to pray


Can I get even with someone if….

  1. That someone is my brother who always calls me stupid, ugly or an idiot. He insults me and everyone laughs and it makes me feel small, insignificant and not feeling like talking much.
  2. I see that person bullying and being mean to someone. I can’t confront him directly, but I am quite good with pranks involving fake vomit, duct tape and a school locker…
  3. It affects me greatly. I can’t eat, I don’t enjoy anything any more even watcihng Tv or being with my friends. He keeps saying that I’m worthless and now I’m repeating his words to myself. I’m worthless, I’m nothing.
  4. This person has always had the upper hand but i have been given the opporitnuity, the chance to get my revenge. This could potentially stop this person from ever picking on someone ever again
  5. I really hate this person and I am filled with so much anger and hatred. I hate feeling like this but if I could get him expelled, all my problems will go away.

The answer to all of these questions is:

NO! Don’t get even!

Ask God. Pray to him. You can even read aloud Psalm 102, asking Him to help you.

Do not pay back evil for evil. Only evil doers do evil deeds. But don’t just take my word for it. Don’t just change your mind. Ask God right now to change your whole heart. God will change you from the inside out. When this happens, the next time someone is mean to you or calls you an enemy, you won’t feel like hitting them on the head. (or at least, you won’t actually hit them on the head).

Have a fun week!

PS: Another question you may have is; “But what if someone deserves it?”

I think you already know the answer to that, but I will leave you with a question to answer the previous question; “If God didn’t forgive you, and he didn’t send Jesus to save us from ourselves, what exactly would you deserve?”

For me personally, I will not pay them back. I will leave that for God to do.

Remember these two things:

David could have killed Saul but he knew that no matter how bad or angry King Saul was, he was still anointed and chosen by God to be king. He chose not to fight. So in a similiar way, if your brother or sister annoys you, remember that they are still your brother/sister, and to not get revenge. God have put these people in your life for a reason. Who knows? Maybe that bully in your school who always steals your lunch just wants a friend or a person to tell him about Jesus, Grace and forgiveness.

Another thing I want you to remember is the memory verse that we learnt:

“It is mine to revenge. I will repay,” says the Lord (Romans 19:12)

Let that person who is bullying or hurting you, to be accountable to God. Let God be the judge, not you.