Aim: To encourage believers to raise their hands and praise Jesus with a cheerful heart

Do you know the Good News? And no, scooby doo, it’s not cookies. Often times, we find our life is filled with ups and downs and it can feel like there are a lot more things to be worried about or scared about, than there are to be happy about. Kids have to worry about other kids, school, and homework. Parents have to worry about their kids and Adults in general, have to worry about food and money. All these problems can often weigh down on us until we feel like a sack of potatoes (very heavy!)

We have to remember that God is fighting for us, God is on our side, he has overcome. And if we have God than who or what can stand against? And how do I know this? It is because I look at the lyrics of Christain music. What a lot of people don’t understand is that the lyric that we sing were written by people who were led by the holy spirit, just like how Mathew, John and Peter were led by the holy spirit when they wrote some of the books in the bible.

These song lyrcis have great meaning. Let these words touch your heart. Raise your hands to God simply because he is Good and the Holy Spirit will touch your heart.

The next time you are in worship, look at the lyrics. Do they mean anything to you or relate to your life? You might find yourself surprised with your answer.

There are three things that all believers do: Pray, Read the bible and Worship God.

In heaven, there is much to rejoice, sing about and dance to. Let’s give a shout out to God, the Lord of Triumph and Victory, and let the whole world know that Jesus lives in us and will come again return for his Bride that is, all true believers in Christ Jesus.

There is another reason why we should dance more often. Let’s look at it a little less “religious”. We should dance more often because it’s exercise, good for our bodies, fun and because it feels good.