Suppose you give your life to Jesus through saying the Sinner’s Prayer. But then you fall out of love, faith and hope. You feel like you’ve also fallen out of God’s favor and blessings. You fall into addictions such as swearing, being mean to others and video gaming. Take your pick. You may even fall into negative thinking and bad habits such as Not caring enough to do things that you know you should do, and falling prey to the giants of laziness, stubbornness and rebellion.

Are you still a Christian?

It Depends. You see, even before you gave your life to Jesus, you belonged to God. You were able to come to Jesus just as you were. You still belong to Him and you can still come to Him just as you are.

However, I can’t say for sure if you are a True Believer or if you are part of the Bride of Christ. These things, I cannot judge or decide myself, only God can judge us.

But having Jesus in our lives changes and transforms us from the inside out. If you say you’re a Christian but you have an addiction, well, you might want to reconsider where you stand with God. Do you still believe Him? Do you still think that he loves you and that you are his Beloved? Do you still believe that Jesus died for you and do you still accept the gifts of Jesus and through him, the gift of salvation, forgiveness, healing, the holy spirit and the righteousness of God?

If you still believe, then say this prayer of righteousness. This prayer will help out to overcome your addictions. If you don’t want to give up your addictions, then I think you have your answer. This prayer is from a book written by Pastor Joseph Prince.

The Prayer of Righteousness:

Lord Jesus,

I thank you for the cross. I thank you that when you died on the cross for me, your blood cleansed me from all my unrighteousness and the sins of my entire life. You are my Lord and saviour. I give you all my addictions today. I am sick and tired of being defeated and condemned by the accuser. Today, I confess that because of the blood of Jesus Christ, I am right now, the righteousness of God. By the super natural strength of the Holy Spirit who is present to convict me of my Righteousness, I will be reminded everyday that I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ.


Wow, what a powerful prayer! Pray this prayer and let the holy spirit guide you. Feel the burden and weights lifting off your back. You are not condemned! You are free!