The end of the term party was both hectic and fun. Both adults and kids got into it. Alvin brought the kids into the big church for worship and praise. Then, he brought the kids into the harbour view room for a game.

The game got pretty intense with the kids laughing, screaming and shouting, as they tried to get as much of the “newspaper-balls” on the other team’s side, across the line, as they could. They also played a game where they had to roll up toilet paper as fast as they could and afterwards, the boys decided to dress each other in toilet rolls.

After the games, the kids and the adults went into the Executive room for food which was prepared by Jo and Tina. The food was delicious and ranged from chicken nuggets to sandwiches, an orange and apple punch drink to cupcakes. There was also chocolate covered strawberries and bananas.

But before we ate the food, Maureen shared a short message about praise. What is Praise and why do we worship? Praise is shouting to the Lord, his greatness, his grace, his love and his favour. We worship, sing songs, dance and even play music because we love God and we want to have a God Encounter. We want to please God by giving all the praise and the glory to God. When good things happen in our lives. we lift our hands and we thank and praise God for his goodness and faithfulness.

After Maureen shared her message on Praise, Alvin got all the kids to say a quick prayer, giving God thanks for the food.

Then we dug in!

Did you know?

In heaven, all the Angels and the people sing and worship God all day and all day, they are partying, worshipping God and giving God the glory for all that He has done.