The picture above illustrates what Saul life was like when he first became king. The circle means “life”. The cross means “Jesus”, the I” means Saul and the chair is the throne.


Circle: Saul’s life

Cross: Jesus or God

Chair: Throne

Capital I: Saul

When Saul was king, he had a lot of new responsibility that he didn’t have before. This meant that he had to make quick smart decisions that would benefit Israel. However, because he was so stressed by this new role, he completely forgot about God. Notice how the capital “I” which stands for Saul, is on top of the throne and notice how Jesus is at the bottom of the throne. Saul did what he wanted to do and he put his own desires first before God’s.

An example of this was when God sent Saul to destroy the Amalekites. Samuel was very clear.-he told Saul to kill everyone including the animals and the Amalekite king. But Saul saw the sheep and thought, “why waste such good quality sheep? I can use them as sacrifices to the Lord.”

He also did not kill the Amalekite king. But there’s more.

Saul was very happy with himself for defeating the Amalekites so easily that he built a monument for himself. This is a prime example of putting ourselves on the throne instead of God. Saul thought that he won purely because of his own efforts. He did not give the credit or glory to God.

When Samuel saw that Saul had made a monument, he grew angry and upset. That night, he couldn’t sleep because God told him that he was sorry he had made Saul king.

Saul went from having god in his life but as second priority, to not having God with him at all. The bible says that the spirit of God left Saul.

“…because you have rejected the commands of the lord, he has rejected you as king.” 1 Samuel 15:23


The reason why Saul had many successes in battle was because the Lord went before him in battle. It was all because of God but Saul did not recognize this. He kept on disobeying God. This was why God left him.

In modern times, it is usually us Christians who leave God and not the other way round. We have God in our life but we don’t trust Him completely. Then when tragedy strikes, instead of straight away turning to God for help, we try and do things on our own strengths. When we fail, we blame God and turn away from him.

Now what?

In the oldern days, before Saul became king, the people of Israel would go to Samuel with their problems. They would ask Samuel, “what do I do” and Samuel would then go and pray to god and ask, “Lord, what do you want me to do,”

Nowadays, we have the luxury and privilege of going to God ourselves. The next time a problem occurs, whatever the problem may be, stop and think. Remember God who goes before you in battles. And ask him, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”

Make God number one priority and put him on your throne of your life.


Something to think about:

Jesus is the king of kings, but is he your king?

Are you putting him first before everyone and everything else?

Are you serving and obeying him?

Is God more important to you than your life?